Networking Workshop

Networking events can be daunting. It is not easy entering a room full of strangers and making connections, but it can be learned. At my Art of Networking 101 workshop I will help demystify the art of networking because after all, networking is just a way to interact with people – yet once you attach an agenda to it, it becomes uncomfortable. I will give my students a variety of tools and techniques to help them learn how to network effectively and change their mindset, so they can maximize their return on investment at networking events, conferences and one-on-one interactions.

Educational session of my presentation will cover the following:

  • Open discussion about networking and its challenges
  • Choosing the right networking event
  • Preparing for a networking event or conference
  • First impression / The proper handshake
  • Introduction and elevator pitch
  • How to move in and out of groups with ease and speed
  • How to build one-on-one rapport
  • Business cards
  • Networking etiquette
  • LinkedIn

The workshop portion of my presentation will include a mock networking session with the following:

  • Proper handshake
  • One-on-one interaction to practice building rapport
  • Feedback on exercise
  • Networking tips and strategies for follow-up

*There is live networking session provided for an extra fee

Fee structures:

Group training, which consists of three or more employees – $200 per person

Group training with a live networking session after the training or to be scheduled at a later date – $265 per person

One-on-one training, which includes one networking event in which you will be accompanied by a networking coach – $400